Configuration files on Linux

• Jun 7, 2010 - 16:31

Hi, I'm running Musescore on Ubuntu Linux and it's fantastic, thankyou very much for this software! I'm having some problem getting audio and midi input working though via JACK. I was just wondering where the configuration files are kept, because I can't find any in the hidden files and folders of my home directory. Can anybody tell me?
Thankyou very much


Not sure it will help your with your Jack configuration problem but the config files of MuseScore are in:

As far as I understand you can't have both MIDI input via portaudio and audio/midi output through Jack.

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No, after much crashing and Segfaulting, I managed to get Musescore to work with ALSA and Portaudio, but the Portmidi box was still greyed out, so I don't know what to do. To change the settings back to JACK, I had to manually edit the configuration files because whenever I changed teh settings from within the program in would either give Segmentation Fault (at this point I was running from terminal to see any error messages) or would just freeze.

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