v.2.01 terrible noises, rattling, sound bugs

• May 12, 2015 - 10:12

Since I updated version 2.0 to the newest one, as proposed by the program I´m having some troubles.

I used the HQ Orchestral Soundfont Collection v3.0.sf2 and the standard soundfont simultanously and the default Equalizer settings.

In one piece there were two bars were a cracking twice occurs.

In an other one I got some kind of ghostly offbeat rattling as if someone shook a maraca or something.
Of course there are no entries in a percussion voice for it´s not even existant.

I tried it out: It might be a problem with the HQ Orchestral Soundfont Collection v3.0.sf2, because the default Soundfont doesn´t cause those problems.

The disadvantage: The defaul soundfont FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3 terribly sucks, imho, sorry, but even the older version of musescore had far better sounds.

If you want to, I could upload the two "corrupted" files.


I wish these people wouldn't use Mediafire to distribute soundfonts!

I object to having online betting adverts forced upon my screen together something nasty that firefox obviously blocked.

But aside from that.......

I'll check the soundfont out on my system and see if I get the same problems.

What may be worth checking is the volume level meter in the Synthesiser page. If it is constantly in the red it means your level is too high.

Check out the Soundfont Forum for planned changes to the default soundfont which are currently in progress. Unfortunately some of these are a time-consuming process and therefore will not happen quickly/

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Do you mean the Master Effects?

There are some instructions here, but you need to be pretty tech savvy to understand them.....


I'm in the process of checking the HQ Orchestral soundfont.

So far I have found white noise artifacts in the oboe samples and clicks in some of the string loops.

So I can't say I'm impressed.

There are other possibilities- Have you tried the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra soundfont?

There is also Timbres of Heaven and a other goodies available from the Handbook soundfont page

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It's not General MIDI compatible, so you will have to tell MuseScore what sounds to use.

Soundfont preference is highly personal. I find FluidR3 *infintely* better in every conceivably way than the soundfont in 1.3, but if you really do prefer TimGM6mb, you are welcome to use it - just download it from the soundfonts page on this site, or copy it from your 1.3 installation.

I have tried *dozens* of GM-compatible soundfonts, listening with a variety of orchestral and jazz scores, and the only one that I find better in most ways than FluidF3 (although it's not as good in others) is Timbres of Heaven. You might want to give that one a shot as well.

Alright! No one including jbraney97 should be using Mediafire for uploading SoundFonts!!! Whenever you add a high quality orchestral SoundFont like SSO and publish it on Mediafire, other users will find out that there's a bunch of white noises going on, and NOT for the other soundFonts. I believe Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra from the HQ Orchestral Collection SoundFont has a lot of issues when uploaded to Mediafire, and I also believe that the samples would sound better when uploaded in a different website.

I think it would be better to publish these in another site such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box.com, etc.

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