Transpose doesn't transpose chordnames

• Nov 29, 2008 - 21:32

Transposing a score works fine, except for the chordnames. I can check the box that says "transpose chordnames" but nothing happens to them. The rest of transposing works fine.

Ubuntu Intrepid, mScore 0.9.4 1309


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I downloaded from the green box originally - shouldn't this have been the stable release? How can I figure out the release # of the stable release? (I'm trying to re-download now to see if it fixes the problem)
Note: I thought Thomas was working with a Windows version

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At the moment MuseScore only transposes chord names that it recognizes. For minor chords it recognizes "Cm" but not "C-". For a full list of the suffixes that it recognizes right-click on the chord name and choose "Harmony Properties..." The "Extensions" section lists the recognized chord names (be sure to also check the "Other" drop-down menu).

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Thanks to both David and Thomas for quick response and for putting in a request. That seems to work although it would great to have a comprehensive list of 'approved' chord names (ideally in the documentation!)I'm on a Mac. Usually the right-click would use ctrl, but ctrl doesn't seem to do anything in MuseScore. Is there another way to access a list of what is accepted for chord names? Should I just look at the 'chords' file that I downloaded? There are some of those chord names that don't display correctly on my Macintosh (ver 10.5.8). If I look at CMaj9#11, the # shows up as a box (I've attached this file)

Also, is there any way in MuseScore in general to perform 'right-click' commands?

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