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• May 20, 2015 - 02:00

I'm writing a Marching band show, i'm currently working on the percussion parts. My director gave me the drum-line and front ensemble score for our last marching band show so I could see what it looks like, i'm a sax player so i don't really know percussion parts as well but can understand them. I noticed that all the small instruments are written in two "auxiliary " parts where they are all put together in one staff and it says which instrument is on which part of the same staff, like cues saying "triangle".
I'm using the latest version of musescore 1 as its the only one i like to write percussion because of the drum-line parts being easily plugged in as a sound font. I tried adding the sound font to musescore 2, but found it more complicated to use.
So my question is, do i have to write every individual part like triangles symbols ect as their own staff, or is there a way to make it as one or make them separate and then merge them?


What did you have trouble with in MuseScore 2.0? It should be superior - more features, easier to use - in virtually way. Perhaps something was just in a different location and you didn't know how to find it?

Anyhow, it would help to see a picture of what you are talking about, but it sounds like maybe you are talking about designing a custom drumset, where you decide which notes on which staff lines will correspond to which sounds. Both 1.3 and 2.0 let you design custom drum sets, using "Edit Drumset" in the right click menu for the ataff (2.0 also adds an Edit Drumset button to the drum palette to further simplify the process).

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Adding the new way to add the marching percussion sound font in 2.0 and then adding them to the staff is just challenging to me hahaha, I love 2.0 but for percussion that involve marching percussion, i find it easier to use 1.3 because you can select the notes like if it was a regular percussion instrument. So my problem seems to be solved in 2.0 thanks for telling me about the edit drum set, i have been writing me marching percussion music on 1.3 and then opening them in 2.0 to get the better quality on 2.0 mallets and other percussion. Its just a way i do it. no problem here :)

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I don't understand what you mean about new way to add sound font - the only thing especially new is the fac that now you can have multiple soundfonts loaded, so marching percussion as well as the other instruments insteasd of either/or as it was in 1.3. And I don't know what you mean about "select the notes like if it was a regulsar percussion instrument". Nothing has changed with respect to how notes are added. I think you might be misunderstanding something. You might want to post the score you are having problems with and describe step by step what you are trying to do and what isn't working as you expect. Chances are it is just a simple misunderstanding.

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I meant the notes of the sound font instead of sound font, my bad. In the 2.0 the marching percussion soundfont, that the ChurchOrganist updated from the 1.3 version that mschorsch made for it, you have to use the mixer to add the marching percussion sounds from the sound font. 1.3 You can add it from choose instruments, click on the name of the instrument, click the Drums pallet and choose the sound the drums can make using this sound font. I tried using it in 2.0 and for each note i had to choose each pitch or sound in the mixer each time. Its no problem for me, i just like the way 1.3 lets you score it. its faster. but the sound doesnt get sent to online, which isn't a problem for me, when im done with i score that uses this sound font i just make it mp3 or .wav.
Sorry for any misunderstandment, in not so good at explaining, the only way I could show would be making a video and showing it there, but i dont have a screen capturing program.

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There are two solutions to your problem.

The first is to set up a score the way you want it with the Marching Percussion soundfont loaded and "Saved to Score"

Once you have things the way you want it, save the file as a template.

Your instruments etc will then be set up for you automatically if you begin your next score by loading the template.

As a starting point you could use my basic Marching Percussion template found here.....

The second would be to load the TimGM6mb with drumline soundfont you are using in 1.3 into MuseScore 2.


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