Changing measure duration creates corrupt score

• May 20, 2015 - 22:16

Under certain circumstances modifying the actual duration of measures in Measure|Properties creates a file that MuseScore reports as corrupted when opening. Perhaps on changing 2 adjacent measures?

See attached image.

Running on MuseScore 2.1.0 unstable (compiled locally today) on Chromebook/Crouton/UbuntuTrusty, however have seen the same behavior on Windows 7 with MS 2.0.0 and earlier versions.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Create new file from template. Template is provided as attachment Church.mscz.
2) Set to 3/4 time.
3) Enter some music as shown in attachment "corrupt.png"
4) At measure 9, stop at note entry mode and change actual duration to 1 / 4
5) Enter note in measure 9
6) At measure 10, stop and change actual duration to 7/4.
7) Continue entering notes into measures 10 and 11.
8) Save file, exit the file, reopen the file, MuseScore reports corruption in measure 10.

Corrupted file is attached as 564c.mscz

Attachment Size
corrupt.png 29.72 KB
564c.mscz 14.74 KB
Church.mscz 9.61 KB


I have one correction to what I posted earlier. I didn't actually use the Church.mscz as a template file. I actually used the template for "single instrument" that is provided with MuseScore.

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I wouldn't advise to use nightly builds for anything serious. It's better to stick with 2.0.1 really. If you think that the inability to change the actual duration of a measure makes MuseScore useless, maybe there is another way to do what you want? The problem only occurs if the measure is more than 4/4 and starts with a whole rest. Changing the whole measure rest to a quarter note rest is enough to work around the problem.

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