Chord superscript question

• May 21, 2015 - 00:22

Hi all,

I would like to display a major seventh chord with the triangle symbol as a superscript. The full version is fine, however, a triangle in a superscript is less cluttered. Is this possible? Many thanks.

- Lee


The superscripting algorithm makes a distinction between triangle symbols used as primary extensions versus triangle symbols used as secondary modifiers. So the triangle in C(major)7 looks different from the one in C(minor)(major)7, which is a good thing:


Some day we may provide the ability to control this from within MuseScore. For now, if you really want to, you will have to create your own customized copy of the chords_jazz.xml file, and you're kind of on your own for that. I don't recommend it; no guarantees it will continue to work in future releases.

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Sounds good, Marc.

I can certainly live with the full-sized triangle as in your first example. I must remember that there are going to be minor differences in the way I write charts versus what's possible in MuseScore 2.0. It's matter of getting used to the minor differences, which should be no problem. I like your idea of not messing around with files in case they don't work with future versions.

Many thanks!

- Lee

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As a new user of MuseScore I wanted to go on the record as also not being a fan of the large (non-superscript) triangle for major chords. I would love an option in the chord symbols style menu to superscript all Chord suffixes, or something to that effect. Otherwise, I'm liking MuseScore. Keep up the good work!

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