Tempo markings needed

• May 25, 2015 - 21:00

I was working on one score and I realized I couldn't find any ritardando features. Does any one know where the tool could be accessed?


Simply enter a normal tempo text and change the text to say "rit." Or whatever you like. There is no playback support for this, but you can use the Inspector to set a slower tempo, and maybe a second invisible marking to create the illusion of gradual slowdown if you wish to hear a smoother playback effect.

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Plaback of ritardando and accelerando is definitely something being consider for a future release. Playback functions are in general much lower in priority than notation features, but among playback features, this is probably one of the more high priority ones.

To save custom templates, simply save into your Templates folder.

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No, don't create a new folder. MuseScore created one for your already, called Templates - right next to your Scors folder. So just get a score set up the way you like, then File / Save As, navigate to your Templates folder, and save normally. Next time you go to create a score, you'll see that template listed.

I don't understand what you mean about "custom instrument", but if the score you create has an instrument by that name (which you could do via Staff Properties), then any scores created from that template will as well.

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