line breaks in parts

• Jun 22, 2010 - 19:49


would it be possible to have parts following the same line breaks as in the score?

As it is now I have to create the parts and then go through all of them inserting the same line breaks.
..or is there a possibility I have not found?



I have exactly the same problem. I have seen in the forum that there is no way to do this and a lot of people do not see the need for this feature. Surely the Parts procedure should default to the way it is now but have a checkbox to preserve line breaks across all parts. That way if the user wants to preserve the line breaks they can without having to put them all in in each part. Can I make a plea that this feature is included in version 3?

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As mentioned earlier, simply use the tool "Add/remove line breaks" on score and parts and with the same setting.
Measure numbers and rehearsal marks are another way to synchronize between conductor and musicians (which are on different pages anyway) and amongs musicians.

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Are you saying that some people are playing directly from the score but others are playing from the parts? Is there a reason for that?

If you are actually saying everyone is playing from parts, then what you really need isn't a way to sync breaks between score and parts, but between the parts themselves. As mentioned, the Add/Remove Line Breaks function does a great job of helping you get consistent results already, but indeed, some sort of plugin or other function to copy breaks between parts could be useful.

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Firstly, thank you very much for trying to help. Some short pieces show two or three parts on the same score and everyone plays from the full score. The full score on these occasions would be on two or three pages. When the piece is longer, the full score would extend over more than two pages and in this case each part is printed separately and each section of the workshop would play from the appropriate part.

This might seem obvious, but I am struggling to follow what you mean when you refer to the "Add/Remove Line Breaks function". Perhaps you could give me a step by step explanation of what you mean.

I've attached the Adam Rennie Reels file which results from creating the three parts using File - Parts. There are no line breaks set in the three parts. I have to create them in each part using Breaks and Spacers - Line Break so that they correspond with the initial score. Adam Rennie Reels.mscz

I might add that this is a teaching workshop catering for all levels of ability. Also fiddle music usually consist of sets of different tunes which run seamlessly one after another. They are often in different keys. There are often sections which are repeated. It is helpful especially for beginners if the repeats and the start of new tunes are in the same place on the page in each part.

We find that MuseScore is very useful especially for beginners in that the playback feature can be used to hear what the tune is meant to sound like and help with the more intricate rhythms.

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Well, I was assuming you'd also use this in the score to set your desired line breaks. If the exact position of line breaks is important to you, then you shouldn't ever rely on the automatic breaking because that might change with each release of MuseScore, any time you edit the score, etc.

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