Annotations/revision in the score

• May 28, 2015 - 08:56

Hello guys,
since I use MuseScore with great enthusiasm I convinced my colleagues to use it and often we work together to score.
It would be very convenient we could insert revision annotations in the scores, as if they were yellow post-it attached to certain areas or notes to comment or to place alternatives with approvation option to that.
This is obviously a basic idea, but maybe you already have in mind something else more effective for the future releases.



You can have system text, lyrics, figured bass, rehearsal marks etc, - all are different and it is unlikely that you will use all of them in the one score (well, you might, but I'm guessing not). You could use one of these to enter your notes and then at the end of the editing you can right-click on one of them, select all similar and delete.

You could also create a customised bit of text, colour it and size it and store it on a palette and you could have different marks for different contributors. Just drag from the palette onto the score and you can see at a glance who has made the changes or added a remark.

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Great ideas, and effecent too.
But I mean, instead, to be able to enter (for example) a post-it (or anything other than of course) that describe changes or corrections with text or with an alternative score inside to be approved or not.
Since a piece of score in the note is approved, it will replace the existing one.
The same applies to the chord symbols.
A kind of mix of reviews and versions already present in Sibelius.

You could add an extra stave (or more than one) - call in "Scratch" or something.

You could create a bit bit of a score under a different name then take a snap-shot image of it and import that image into the score you are working on.

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