Volunteer Composer Needed For A Short Film

• May 31, 2015 - 17:18

Hi everyone,
We are a small animation studio that works on short films and other cg art. Currently we are working on a short to be released in a few well known locations such as the Blender 3D confrence Susanne film festival and a well known program called render.st for artists among others. What we are looking for is someone who can score and digitally record a soundtrack for our film for free. You can view the current state of the project at http://www.github.com/starlightgraphics/story/. This is a great oppertunity for new students because it will be a great portfolio item and will bring a lot of attention because of the places it is being released. If you think that you can do it. Please send some of your previous work to us at starlightgraphicstudio@gmail.com.
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I am interested in this, but I have a few questions that probably others will have, too.

You mention that your project "will bring a lot of attention because of the places it is being released." Can I ask what that means? Where exactly will it be released?

What would the workflow be? How would the composer connect with the artists? Is there a preview of the film that could give the composer a feel of what it's like?

How long will the finished film be? How many minutes of how many different pieces of music are anticipated to be needed?

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Agreed. I composed a twenty-five minute background score (non-stop) for a promotional video my dad shot for the wildlife artist, Michael Dumas. Dad needed music but didn't want to violate copyright by lifting music from a CD, so all he really needed was an original composition, along with the musician's permission to use it.

Michael needed the video for promoting his works in Japan. My dad was a retired motion picture cameraman and director. Michael was unable to pay me cash at the time, however, he gave me a signed artist's proof of one of his works. There were only 100 prints made and he signed the mat, not the glass. Therefore, it's quite valuable. Framed and signed, it would probably sell for $1,500 today. I did the work in 1992, so at least I received something.

The moral is, if there is no real compensation, even small, then the producer's name needs to be quite prominent. For example, if James Cameron or Ron Howard needed a short 20 minute background score, I'd be first in line! On the other hand, they certainly have the ability to pay, and God only knows why they'd be asking me :)!

We have a panel that we use only for the artists and we also usially use email. We are only in the middle of the model creation stage but we thought that we would get someone now instead of wait untill later. You can see the current state of the project at http://github.com/starlightgraphics/story/. We listed some of the places that we were going to display the short at. Again, the main places are https://www.blender.org/conference/, https://render.st/artists/, and http://starlightgraphics.co.nf. The final film will be around 5 - 10 minutes and has many different types of scenes including fights and magistic flyovers. You can check the script at https://github.com/starlightgraphics/STORY/blob/master/preproduction/sc…. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us at starlightgraphicstudio@gmail.com. Thanks!

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Hi johnroper 100. Thank you for presenting this project.

I have one or two questions if you don't mind.

From what I can gather, you are looking for a partner(s) or an investor(s) to join you in this project. You have video that you want to enhance and empower through the use of (great!) music and you are offering some value in exchange for value added. Is this accurate?

I am curious as to what you are proposing as an equitable split of the benefits of this project. For example, assuming we could come to an agreement as to initial exchange, what are your thoughts assuming that the project continues on beyond the initial presentation? If it is sold, for example, what are your thoughts on an equitable distribution of the returns?
Do you expect to honour copyright, and pre-negotiate release terms?

Looking forward to your response,

Best regards,


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This is a volunteer project which means that no money is involved. All that we are looking
for is someone who is willing to lend their time to write a score for our short. This will be a great portfolio piece for a younger compser who is just getting started and wants to bring up awareness about his or her music.

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So if I understand when you say "no money is involved", you are saying that there are no plans to commercialize this project? Or do you mean that there will be money, but none for music? If that is the case, it seems a bit unfair. You are actually looking for a creative partner with only one paid partner.

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Which is what I assumed from the beginning, and I think it's quite cool. I'm not sure why @rwmol is bothered by the word "volunteer"—I equate it to being a volunteer software developer, or a volunteer MuseScore support person.

Speaking for myself, an impressive portfolio piece is exactly what I need, and I feel like I'm up to the challenge. @johnroper100, I've sent you an email. ;-)

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