click and drag to select notes

• Jul 5, 2010 - 17:33

Perhaps this has been requested before, a first time user of MuseScore, I open it and "desire to select some notes to play them"

My thought is that I should be able to create a "box" around the desired notes, which will select them, then hit the play button. Turns out this isn't currently possible, though it is, through other means.

So this is a feature request for such style of note selection. Thanks!


Although MuseScore doesn't do the exact sequence of steps that you are suggestion, below are a couple comments that may be helpful to you.

If you want to start playback on a particular note, click on that note and press play.

If you want to drag-select a region of notes you can do this using Shift+click and drag. However this type of selection does not affect playback.

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I agree.

Also a few more suggestions, user experience-wise:

If you use the mouse "scroll" button to go "too far to the bottom" it should show you the next page [over], ideally.

on playback, have a thinner "playback location" line but with a "carat" at the top (as finale notepad does).

I could help with the latter, but would my changes likely be accepted?



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