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• Jun 7, 2015 - 16:22

I have notated a Treble Clef multi-voice phrase that contains dotted quarter notes in the upper voice but eighth notes in the voice below them. Two notes occur precisely at the same time and on the same line. MuseScore positions the eighth note to the right of the dotted quarter. I believe the usual positioning would be the reverse. So the dotted quarter should be to the right. This positioning allows the dot to "hang" out to the right and is more easily sight-read. ---- How can I readjust these two notes, side by side but in reverse order? Thanks! JHJ


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Thank you! The Double-Click + Arrow does move the notehead (but not the stem). I think I can make this work. Thanks for your help! Still, I do think the MuseScore "intuition" should position dotted notes to the right of non-dotted notes when they occupy the same or nearly the same position on the staff or the same beat.

First, the default positioning is not incorrect - it's actually the preferred arrangement. The upstem note normally goes to the left except in a few very specific situations, and as far as I know this isn't one of them. In fact, there is a good reason *not* to reverse the usual order here: the default arrangement makes it more clear to which note the dot belongs. So I would claim it is *easier* to sightread than the arrangement you propose, where there will be momentary confusion as the reader tries to sort out the rhythm. That said, no doubt some editors may choose to reverse the usual arrangement to save a small amount of space.

Anyhow, should you wish to reposition notes or any other pbjects, the Inspector is usually the best way to do it. Use the horizontal offset in the "Chord" section so the noteheads, stem, flag, accidentals, dots, and other parts of the note all move together.

If you use the double-click and drag / arrow key method, the stem will move automatically to meet the notehead once you hit Esc to leave Edit mode - but only for single notes as opposed to multi-note chords.

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For the record, the way we do it - upstem note to the left regardless of dots - is Elaine Gould's #1 recommendation in "Behind Bars", which is the most definitive resource on the subject of music engraving. But she does list the exception you prefer - dotted note to the right regardless of stem direction - as an acceptable alternative. She also lists the opposite exception - dotted note to the *left* regardless of stem direction - as equally valid. So, while we use the most recommended method, this is indeed situation where there is "official" blessing to use any order you prefer.

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