Repeats display with space when clef is removed

• Jun 11, 2015 - 21:38

When I write lead sheets I like to uncheck "create clef for all systems" and "create key signature for all systems" (I even have a style saved). This gives a layout problem for repeats, though:
Repeat without clef.png
Naturally I would prefer it if the repeat was flush with the start of the system.


Coud you file an issue? Looks like a pretty simple change.

BTW, instead of loading a style, consider using a template. They are easy to create in 2.0 (just save a score to your Templates folder) and even easier to use (select from the list when creating a new score).

Even without the 'winged tips'? It happened to me sometime that the 'tips' on repeat measure lines caused spacing problems (but I forgot the details, unfortunately).

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Yes, although if/when I get this fixed, that offset will need to be reset or your repeats will be hanging off the the left.

I thought it would be as simple as changing that line, but it isn't. For some reason even if I skip adding the space there, it gets added elsewhere. Still trying to figure out why.

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