Saving as Wav does not work

• Jul 16, 2010 - 16:50
S4 - Minor

I'm using Musescore 0.9.61 r3280

Of course this may be a Windows issue and not a Musescore one.

When I save as wav, or mid, the Musescore Save As dialogue box confirm the wav file, or the mid file, has been saved.

If I use Musescore to open the mid at my saved file location it cannot find the mid file there
Using windows explorer I go to my saved file and it is empty.

A windows Explorer search does not discover either file.
This has happened several times.

any ideas

Many thanks


Hi David. Thanks for coming back.

Yes, it occurs every time.

I've tried saving to My documents, My Music, C: Drive root, D: Drive root (separate hard disk), and several newly created folders on both hard disks and also two USB memory sticks

I'm using Win7 Pro x64 fully up to date.


MuseScore can't open WAV files so it won't show them in the open dialog. In my experience Windows 7 is very buggy when you save to the root of a drive. Try saving as a MIDI file to your "My Documents" folder.

If you still have trouble maybe you can show what you are experiencing using a screencast

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Hi, am appreciative of the help in this matter.

Seems that it is solved, without me taking any action to do so.

Kind regards