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Hi. There are several items i'd like some advice on.

1. Spacing between lyrics, aka line-spacing. Line-spacing between measures, between lyrics, etc. Is there a way to set it by mm or inch?
2. Increasing the font size "scrunches" the lyrics together. Line-spacing would correct this.
3. Removing the barline where the lyrics are. Leaving the barline on the top and bottom staff.


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No, the effect is immediate, on the space between the highest lyrics line and the system above or the space between the lowest lyrics line and the system below. What it does not influence however is the space separating successive lyrics lines.

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As that doesn't work it would appear that it is something currently lacking in MuseScore.

As a workaround you could set the font size of the even lyrics to something like 4.

You would then enter your lyrics on odd verses only, leaving even verses as just a CR

That would give you extra space between the lines.

A trick I use quite a bit in DTP.


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There is a way to increase line spacing between lyric stanzas without skipping stanza lines. Here's the method I use:

  1. Style > Edit Text Style
  2. In the left pane choose "Lyrics odd lines" and set to a larger size (such as 18)
  3. In the left pane choose "Lyrics even lines" and set to a larger size (such as 18)
  4. Press OK to dismiss the Text Style dialog
  5. Right-click on a lyric syllable and choose Select > All Similar Elements
  6. Right-click on a selected lyric syllable and choose Text Properties...
  7. Set the lyric size back to the size you want it (such as 12)

Using this method you end up with the line spacing of 18pt font, but the text still displays as a 12pt font).

A method that works even when you are entering text via ctrl t is to enter a letter or symbol in a large font but push it outside the printing area, or even off the page if you don't want it to show in a pdf. Given my limited experience entering lyrics, I found it easier to enter several stanzas below a melody line as staff text rather than lyrics. This allows any desired spacing between lines.

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