Add a "label" (text/numbers) to the left side of a staff.

• Jun 15, 2015 - 22:43

I'm trying to do something like the numbered exercises you see in a method book, where each line (or several lines) of music has a number or letter to the left side of it.

Using Musecore 2.01 b25f81d

I tried to use a horizontal frame to do this, but you can't just double click it and add text you like do with a regular text frame.

I finally figured out after trying a bunch of approaches that you have to deselect the horizontal frame (if not you don't get the pop-up menu). Then right click on the horizontal frame and select Add->Text.

I think it would be more intuitive if you could just edit it after double-clicking. I am posting this mainly because I couldn't find any other place this was explained and thought it might help others if they run into the same thing.


The thing is, the main purpose of horizontal frames is not text - it is for spacing., Double clicking already serves that function - it puts the frame into edit mode, thus allowing it to be resized. But I'm glad you figured out the way to get them to serve their secondary purpose :-)

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