change ledger line color

• Jun 17, 2015 - 03:19

How to change ledger line color?
I do not want it is black always.
Can change ledger line color to white or gray ?


Welcome aboard.
Do you wish all the ledger lines as the same color, or each line a different white or gray color?
Probably the best way would be to save your score as an image (.png) then open it in a graphics program where you can change any element to whatever color you desire.


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Thank for your answer!!
This way can change ledger lines to any color, but it can't play!!

My question:
When I change all staff line color to gray, ledger lines are black, change all staff line to white, ledger lines are black, change all staff line to green, ledger lines are black, .........
How to ledger lines color same as staff line when staff line was changed ?

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