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• Jun 17, 2015 - 15:31

My first feature request would be about repeats. Texts such as "Play only the first/second time" for both repeat barlines and D.C./D.S. should be included. Also a "Play repeats both times" text for D.C./D.S. sections with repeats in it, would also be appreciated. All these texts of course, should have an appropriate playback.

Furthermore, I would like to ask one more time, for tempo texts. Here's a list with the most common tempo texts, in my opinion: (molto/poco) slarg., (molto/poco) rit., (molto/poco) ritard., (molto/poco) rall., (molto/poco) allarg., (molto/poco) accel., (molto/poco) strig., Piu Moto, Alla Breve, rubato, a Tempo, Grave, Largo, Lento, Pesante, Adagio, Andante, Maestoso, Moderato, Tempo Marzialle, Animato, Allegro, Con Brio, Con Moto, Vivace, Presto, Prestissimo, Veloce, Slower, Faster, Meno Mosso, Piu Mosso.
Other kind texts, should be pizz., arco, Mute/Con Sord., Open/Senza Sord. and choke for the cymballs, with playback if possible.

Moreover, there are some accent texts, like fp, sf, sff, sfp, sfpp, sfz, sffz, rf, rfz, fz, which can be found in the Dynamics pallete and have no default velocity, therefore they have no playback. I know that one can set a default velocity on them and then add them in a custom pallete, like I have done, but this kind of "Dynamics" apply only on just one note and not on a whole passage, so this kind of playback is techinically not correct. Instead, accent texts should be programmed to apply on just one note and then the rest of the passage should be playbacked with the dynamic used before the accent text. What I also want to point out about the dynamics, is that there are no cresc. and dim./decresc. texts with accurate playback. Even the hairpins don't actually playback when they are applied on whole/half notes.

Finally, I would appreciate it if the cross-staff arpeggios playbacked correctly.

Of course, I'm not expecting the developers to have everything done by version 2.0.2, but I would be glad to see all, or at least most of those features, by the end of the year. Thanks for your time reading this thread and I hope you will take them into serious consideration.

With Kind Regards,
Kostis Paterakis


You can add whatever custom texts your want to your palette - see the section on "Custom palettes" in the Handbook.

This also applies to Dynamics, and you can add the appropriate playback effect if you want. But I think there is a reason some have no default effect - because they are meant to be interpreted relative to the previous velocity and MuseScore does not support such a setting. or in the case of "fp" et al, there is no way to have a single marking change its dynamic after the initial attack.

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First of all, thanks for the answer, Mark.
I use the custom palletes and I have saved all kinds of different texts, that I often use myself and default velocities for the dynamics, but other users may have not discovered the use of the custom palletes, so it would be really good if there a was some default palletes, with everything I mention above.
What's more, you didn't answer my first and last request.

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I'm not totally opposed to adding more stuff to the palettes, but I *am* concerned with things getting out of control. Text is so easy to type yourself, it's really hard to justify having all these precomposed texts when it saves only a couple of seconds over entering the text yourself.

As for cross-staff arpeggio, I didn't have any feedback. It's a fine request. I thought there was already an issue submitted, but I don't see it, so feel free to submit one yourself. There are definitely already existing requests regarding repeats. But do keep in mind, playback is very secondary to notation, so these sorts of requests tend to be relatively low in priority.

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I just created the issue for cross-staff (and cross-voice) arpeggio. You can find it here: https://musescore.org/en/node/65806.
As for the repeats I forgot to mention another issue. When there's a tied note between the end and the bigginning of the repeat, MuseScore does not play it back. In order to understand better what I'm describing, check out this video of mine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9hYJ2dZQck at 1:19.

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Yes, it is true that ties across repeats are not currently supported. There are existing feature requests for this. Again, though, do keep in mind the primary purpose of MuseScore is notation, not playback, and feature requests are prioritized accordingly. The fact that it is hard to *notate* a tie at the end of a repeat is more important to fix than it is to worry about how it might happen to play back.

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