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• Jul 27, 2010 - 17:38

I would love to be able to select a bar, then select 'Chord Entry' via right click or hotkey

.....Ctrl+C+E ??????

Then be presented with a text submission box.

I would type for example.... Cmaj7 and [enter]

Bingo !....... Cmaj7 appears in notation filling the bar.

Especially useful for novices like me or anyone wishing to work FAST

Possibly a chained selection using radio buttons ????

EG.. select




then enter


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I think its_john is not talking of chordnames input. He wants to enter real chord notation based on chordnames. So enter the root note like a C below the staff, use a key shortcut to displaya dialog box, choose Cmaj7 and E G B is added to the C note in the staff. Inversion might be a problem.

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Lasconic is right...... that is exactly what I am looking for.

Inversion not so much of an issue for me... I find that easy once the chord is in place.

As a trumpet player I spent years learning to play a Bb transposing instrument and had no time to learn a piano. Chords are hard work for me and I constantly have to reference a chord chart ... usually this one when entering chords under a melody line.

For example... Wikiphonia lead sheets.

SO MUCH useful content out there that rely's on someone knowing how to convert a Chord Name into notation. If such a feature existed in MuseScore I am sure it will help millions allowing them the freedom to easily convert and arrange music to reach those who would otherwise never have access to it.

I would be VERY HAPPY to be an early tester of such a feature :):)
Im sure it is a worthy addition.... For example, my spelling was atrocious, once I got a PC with a spell checker is steadily got better and better... Now very rarely do I have to rely on the spell checker.... I would hope that the chord feature for MuseScore would also help to instill the knowledge in a similar way.
As when writing a story, the creative flow is ruined when you constantly have to correct spelling....

Im using Ubuntu is anyone want to zap me a file or two ???

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