Playback via midi keyboard

• Aug 1, 2010 - 18:49

i'm trying to get playback to work through my midi keyboard. i followed the instructions here:

i'm running windows7 x64 and just downloaded the stable musescore
i downloaded jack 1.9.5 and installed it to the default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Jack v1.9.5
it also wanted to install microsoft visual c++ 2008 redistributable, so i did that.
i then changed the server path to: jackd -S -R -X winmme and the driver to portaudio
i save changes and then click start on the jack control.
then i get an error. the message window says:
12:24:44.435 JACK is starting...
12:24:44.435 jackd.exe -S -R -X winmme -R -dportaudio -r48000 -p1024
12:24:44.457 JACK was started with PID=60295608.
12:24:44.687 JACK was stopped with exit status=-1.
12:24:44.688 Post-shutdown script...
12:24:44.689 killall jackd
12:24:44.689 JACK has crashed.
12:24:45.120 Post-shutdown script terminated with exit status=1.
12:24:46.485 Could not connect to JACK server as client. - Overall operation failed. - Server communication error. Please check the messages window for more info."

i noticed another program called jack netdriver. i tried running this first and then jack control starts automatically with no errors.

so i proceeded with the musescore instructions while jack was running:
i unchecked port audio and use internal synthesizer, i checked use jack midi output
restart musescore
then i go to jack and choose connect. in the midi tab, there is one readable client: mscore1
but on the right, there are no writable clients.

this is where i am stuck.

i use my yamaha midi keyboard to input notes without problems into musescore. it is connected via midi cables to an emu 0404 usb audio interface. the interface doesn't work perfectly, though. for example, i can't get videos from youtube to playback through the device. instead, i think my computer uses another internal soundcard for playback. on the other hand, pianoteq (a piano modelling program) will both receive and playback through the emu without problems. well, i don't know if any of that is relevant to my problem with musescore. but i welcome any suggestions.

thank you,


Jack netdriver is not relevant to what you want to achieve. It's a way to send audio stream on a network to another computer.
It happens that jack does not start on the first click on start and you got an error message, just click start again and Jack Control should connect to the jack server.
For your missing writable clients, it looks more like a Jack problem.

Hey Ryan - I'm trying to configure the EMU 0404 USB - I'm not sure if you'll ever see this but I'd appreciate if you have tips on getting MIDI input recognized with the device. Thanks a lot!

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