how to share notes for piano with alto saxophone player

• Dec 15, 2008 - 14:36

Hi team,

[win2K: musescore 0.9.3]

I'm new to this. I've created a sheet using C major scale and it plays nicely with internal piano.sf2. I want to do few things as below.

- create the same composition for alto saxophone player, so he/she can listen that instrument and transposed notation, so that piano and saxophone both play same pitches. I tried transposing the notes by -3, notes did transpose, but piano sound pitches also changed.?
- similarly I tried +2 semitones for trumpet.
- I have downloaded fluid sf2 file, pointed to it, but no audio. I did restart musescore couple of times, as I keep loosing play transport.

Will appreciate any ideas pl.



- Did you change the transposition via the context menu "Staff Properties..."?
- Staff transposition number refers to the sound ("Play transposition") so trumpet should be -2 and alto sax +3
- I remember there were some bugs related to staff transposition in version 0.9.3. You might consider trying the 0.9.4 prereleases.

- Did you decompress the fluid file and point to the file called FluidR3_GM.sf2?
- Regarding the disappearing play transport toolbar see the troubleshooting section of the SoundFont page (particularly the second point in that section).

thanks so much. I don't know what happened, but after few clicks on I/O tab and restarts, I got the audio. one thing I did was to toggle to ASIO and E-MU DSP, but restart brought it back to MME, but anyways..I got the sounds of saxophone, trumpet etc. Is there a way to assign a new instrument to the staff of saxophone, say Oboe later?
also, is Cornet available?

Understood the transposition concept now. thanks again.

on other topic of translation, let me install the necessities, & get back.

best regards,

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Cornet is not yet in the instrument list but you can add trumpet and then just change the name using the "Staff Properties" dialog.

In current versions of MuseScore there is no GUI (Graphical User Interface) for changing the instrument sound of an existing staff. However you can add a new instrument staff and copy and paste the notes to the new staff. To add or remove an instrument go to Create > Instruments...

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