Symphony Co-op

• Jun 26, 2015 - 19:03

I want to create a symphony, I have already created a few tunes to add into it and make variations of, but I need a lot more! Also, when I gat all the themes gathered up, I plan on having other people help write the sections!… is the link to download of my melodies and tunes to far! Thanks, and leave a response if you want to help!


Can I make a small suggestion? Don't use MediaFire! If you don't want to use (and if you do, you can actually embed the score player in your forum post—example below), then use the built-in "File attachments" feature of these forums—the option to attach a score, image, text file or whatever is right above the "Save" and "Preview" buttons when you're typing your post (example of that below, too).

Example of embedded website player:

Example of file attachment:

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