How to downgrade to MuseScore 1.3 in Ubunutu 14.04

• Jun 27, 2015 - 22:44

I can't fix the issues with the plug-ins in the 2.0 version of MuseScore.
I must have the lasconic-harmonica_tablature- witch don't work -or that I can't make it work on the version 2.0.
How could i downgrade MuseScore to get the 1.3 version again ? I'am on Ubuntu 14.04


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I know you must have found a work-around since then but in case anybody else would be interested, the (non-proper and) easy way I did it was to:

(Note: I am on Mint 17.2 Rafaela.)
(1) suppress the musescore PPA (that I had just added to install the latest version): Software sources -> PPAs -> tick and remove the musescore PPA (untick those you want to keep)
(2) un-install musescore and reinstall it using the software manager.

This of course works only because the current version on official repositories is 1.3 ; but as a quick work-around, it works.

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