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I've downloaded the tool and .ts file for hindi. How do I see the translation in devnagari font though?



I assume you are editing the *.ts file with the qt linguist tool and are able to enter devanagari characters. If you send me this *.ts file i can add it to the mscore sources. To see your translation in mscore you must create a release file (*.qm). (File->Release). If you install this release file in .../MuseScore 0.9/locale/ you should see devnagari characters in mscore. (make sure mscore preferences (Edit->preferences->General->Language) is set to "system").

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The *ts file does not contain any encoding information and is coded in utf8 by definition. The (empty) hindi file has only ascii characters, so windows cannot know its utf8. But the (not empty) russian *.ts file contains non ascii utf8 characters so the windows text editor can find out with some heuristics.

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Hi Werner,

here is an edited file. I've tried only few words/phrases just to see, how it will look, to be confident and proceed further. pl. let me know. I did generate *.qm file and put it in locale, preference is set to system, but I don't see devnagari font in musescore yet. I did not see hi option in language pull down menu either.


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It looks like you used some transliteration scheme to describe devanagari characters. Thats not the way it works. You have to enter the unicode devanagari characters directly into the xml file. I dont know how this works on your computer. Maybe a special keyboard or keyboard layout is used or some special software which outputs devanagari characters when you type some latin transliteration.
It looks the output *.qm file has to be renamed to mscore_hi_IN.qm. If i change the language on my linux box with "export LANG=hi" qt tries to load a file of that name (can be traced on linux if you start mscore with the command line option -d).
The language pulldown menu must be updated in the code (i will do this in the next commit).

Hi Werner,

here is another attempt. pl. let me know, if you can see the characters properly. I have done many items so far. I have one confusion though. How much of this should be strictly translated to hindi? As you know, we Indians learn english and few other languages fairly early in school. In addition, sheet music is more of western theme, so some of the items like Staff, BPM, MIDI, dynamics etc., may become confusing when translated to hindi to their closest meaning. for example, channel would transliterate to चैनल in devanagari characters, though it's still english, and people may understand it to use it. However, if I put the meaning in the context of digital age, it will be प्रणाल, which not many will understand.

any ideas will be appreciated. it was fun learning UTF and native language meanings after a while.


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commit 1371 refers to a version in the SVN (source code management system).
Here is a link to the listing of files modified/added in commit 1371 :
If you are looking for the software corresponding to this commit, there is not for the moment :) An early windows version (known as prereleases) is generated every 10 commits or so and located in So wait :)

Regarding translation and choice of words, remember that the goal is not to be strictly compliant with a language but to be usable/understandable by more people, so try to make choices with that in mind. Even in french, sharing the same alphabet with english, I had to keep english words instead of translating them because they are more meaningful in english even for french people.

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ok. I will keep these useful pointers in mind. I think I will wait to have another prerelease version, so that I can make changes in translation and see for myself, if the sequence of button clicks/operations do make sense, when translated. and also, as you said, they are understable or not. ( from broad section of users point of view.)

best regards,

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