Grace note on first note is not transposed

• Aug 11, 2010 - 18:52
Graphical (UI)

If the first note I place receive an ornamental note this note does not get transposed like all other notes placed somehwere else.
This is very minor issue since this is only one ornament but a bug never the less




  1. Open musescore on demo score
  2. Add a grace note to first note
  3. Ctrl + A
  4. Notes->Transpose
  5. choose a keysig
  6. Press OK

Everything is tranposed except the first grace note.

That was exactly the behaviour I described. The first grace note (I always forget the name of it) is never transposed which is the bug I was talking about

Title Grace note on first note is not transposed multiple grace note copying is not working

I have found another issue with grace notes. See the attached file: Copying the first bar (with the double grace notes) results in the bar on the right. One of the grace notes appears in the next bar.
When only the part without the last note is selected (or fewer), it works like it should, the grace notes remain where they should. It seems it has to do with the selection of a whole bar.

(For the record:, Mac OSX 10.4.11, PPC)

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Actually I have no idea why the title of the issue is wrong. My initial topic title was "Transposing ornament note does not work"

Title multiple grace note copying is not working Transposing ornament note does not work

Sorry, I didn't know the title would change...
...fixed ;-)