MIDI playback

• Dec 18, 2008 - 02:39

I just want to ask why when playing back music the notes only last 3/4 of its actual length and when exporting to MIDI it does this too. I mean, wouldn't it make sense for the notes to be held out as long as the note is written?And it bugs me especially when I have a smooth legato line that sounds like the singer is taking a breath after every note.


All scores created in 0.9.3 or earlier will play for 70 percent of the note duration unless there is a staccato or legato marking. I recently lengthened this duration in the 0.9.4 prereleases to 85 percent which sounds better for most scores. However old scores created in earlier versions of MuseScore will still sound the same. Currently there is no user interface for changing this duration. Look up gateTime on this forum for more details.

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