Playback problems with down/up arrows

• Jul 2, 2015 - 10:49

AFAIK, for guitar music, the arrows (from arpeggios and glissandos) normally indicate a downward or upward strum. However MuseScore interprets them like arpeggios which creates a playback issue. You can hear this for yourself by creating, say, a measure of 1/8 note guitar chords in Em (EBEGBE) and putting strum arrows in front of them. Then listen to the sound without arrows.

I would suggest that MuseScore should ignore the arrows when playing back as this gives a much better sound.

Another issue came up when trying to use the Piano Roll editor to try to correct playback: it only allows you to edit one note at a time although you can make multiple selections by dragging! Is this a bug?


You mean the straight line arpeggios vs. the wiggly lines?
They should sound the same. Bit one of them was ignoring the arrow direction, this got fixed meanwhile though

Yes, straight line arrows. It's not so much the direction of the arrow (AFAIK) but the arpeggiation of the chord which causes the playback problem. That's why it might be better not to implement any special playback: just play them as straight chords.

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