Rounded Bracket articulation

• Aug 20, 2010 - 04:30
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

How do you use the round bracket articulation? I thought you'd just drag it to the note for it to add, but it won't work like that, and there's nothing about it in the manual.


What's the round bracket articulation ? You can drag and drop any articulation from the articulation palette to a notehead or select a notehead and double click the articulation in the articulation palette.
Please use the forum for your future support requests. I close this issue.

i'm pretty sure the OP meant parentheses around the notes for repeats. When you run your mouse over the parentheses in the articulation palette, they're described as "rounded brackets."

For the benefit of anyone searching for "rounded brackets" who actually means parentheses - you do this through the "create symbols" menu. It won't work to drag the rounded brackets to a note (that's only for accidentals).