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• Jul 7, 2015 - 04:10

Hi, gang!!!

I recognize I don't know any clue about digital synthesizers, it's a fact.

But, years ago I could play an analog synthesizer (a MiniMoog, to be exact) where I could manipulate a lot of knobs to change a lot of parameters (not only the typical Attack, Release, Sustain and Decay) and the final sound, of course.

I wonder if the digital synthesizers (like the MuseScore uses internally on the PCs) could have those kind of controls (or parameters) and, if the answer is "Yes", why not to put them, visible, somewhere on the MuseScore graphical interface.

Maybe a "future request"? ???




The "synth" MuseScore uses internally is actually a soundfont player and not a synthesiser in the form you mean, so sadly your request can't be implemented as such.

It is possible to edit the soundfont with software such as Polyphone or Viena, but for the kind of control you are talking about you would need to route the MIDI stream from MuseScore to a VST virtual analogue synth via JACK.

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Check the sample rate of your soundcard I/O it could be that there's a clash there.

The settings I give are for a soundcard set to 44.1kHz .

I recently had to roll back a soundcard driver update because it had set mine to 48kHz (without telling me!) and wasn't allowing it to be set back to 44.1

You can find this by Right-clicking the speaker icon in your system tray and choosing Playback (or Recording) Devices. Select the Speakers playback device and then open it's properties TAB the Sample rate is in the Advanced tab.

Please will you post a screen shot of your JACK Control settings window, so I can check that you haven't missed anything.

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I did it and MuseScore recognize the Jack audio connections but it does nothing with my MIDI keyboard and I can't control anything from MuseScore.

I think there is something wrong with my PC, or (maybe) it is a compability issue between MuseScore and the USB MIDI connection I have.

I don't know.

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Have you made the necessary connections in the Jack Control.

Unfortunately JACK names everything in a pretty arcane manner, but you should be able to work it out.

This is what my MIDI connections window looks like at the moment (it varies according to what I am doing)


You should find that System_midi/capture_1 is your keyboard input and system_midi/playback_1 is the internal Microsoft GS synth.

Don't forget to configure MuseScore to use JACK for I/O

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Well, my PC doesn't show exactly the same as yours (obviously) but... I can see clearly my MIDI keyboard connection on Jack. And it works, to Jack!!!

My problem is about MuseScore does nothing with Jack and it doesn't recognize any MIDi input at all!!!

The MIDI interface is, exists, works, Windows can read it and can handle it.

The problem is with MuseScore.

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Can you connect your MIDI keyboard to MuseScore from the normal Portaudio setup?

What is the make of your MIDI interface?

Finally, did you install one of the software MIDI Thru applications mentioned in the PDF?

A screenshot of your JACK MIDI connections setup might help too.

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