MuseScore Lags in Playback on Windows 7

• Jul 7, 2015 - 19:43

The audio on MuseScore lags a bit and causes an awful popping sound during playback of certain scores. Both the CPU and Physical memory usage on my computer are rather low (no other programs open). I have checked to see if this was my speakers being overloaded, it is not, and the volume is very low.

I use Windows 7 and have MuseScore 2.01.

The attached score is the one I've encountered the most problems on.

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Untitled2.mscz 36.33 KB


I don't have a working Windows 7 computer right now, but your score plays fine for me using the default soundfont on a very low-powered Linux system. What soundfont are you using (see View / Synthesizer)? WHat about turning off reverb (Master Effects section of that same window)? Have you tried a smaller soundfont (See Handbook under Soundfont)? Even though task manager may report low activity, a reboot may well help.

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