A question about implode

• Jul 8, 2015 - 13:07

In the attached score, select everything in the top two staves (Soprano, Alto) and choose Edit...Tools...Implode. Note that the Alto notes in the first four measures are not copied to the top staff. Is this expected?

I was trying to create a combined score from the voice parts that would be easier for a pianist to read. I was surprised that the opening measures of Alto were not copied. The Tenor/Bass implosion worked as I expected.

This is my first experience with implode, so maybe I just don't understand how it's supposed to work.

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I can only tell you that not implode "empty measures" (Vista / 28ace48). But I can easily copy the four measures from Alto and paste them in Soprano (Ctrl+C>Ctrl+V).
Will come a better answer ;-)

The facility is designed to work when the rhyhtms of the staves match exactly. In case of discrepancy, the top staff - the one the notes are being collected on - wins.

Thanks for the quick replies and explanation. I'm still learning, and the forums are a great place to get information. I had already done the copy-and-paste thing to fill in the missing notes, and I have a very usable piano score to go along with the SATB one. Maybe now I'll get around to ordering the book! =)

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