My first composition

• Jul 9, 2015 - 12:15

It's my first composition, I'm amator and I don't know music theory, tell me what do You think about it


What do you mean you've never been to music school? That was ASTOUNDING!!!! You have real talent for music. I'm excited to hear the future pieces you'd compose once you learn music theory. You have the potential to be the next Famous composer like Mozart, Beethoven, Gershwin, You name it. You should pursue this as a career. Keep writing, and publish.

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Like How to Publish? You should contact a good publishing company and see if they would publish your work. Check the company's specialty in publishing. If you want to publish classical, make sure the company's known for publishing classical. and same for other genres. I am unsure weather you will get charged money to publish it or not. When you turn it in, make sure you give the company a good impression because most of the time, it's the impression that counts. Not the music.

I don't know, maybe I can something from harmonisation, for example in few years I learned how to build chord from any sound, and I know which sounds fit to chords. Writing, that I don't know music theory, I mean that I don't know this on the level of typical student from music school.

You write that no one can write like this... So check Adrian von Ziegler on youtube, this guy is from Switzerland, he's composer and musician, he also don't know music theory, but he wrote a lot of pieces, and they're awesome.

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