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• Jul 9, 2015 - 14:14


generating a score and adding some hints via staff text (strg + T) or lyrics ( strg + L ) to indicate the way I want it to be played, some oddities occured.

By overseeing the final and exported result a friend of me reminded me on a piece of text differing in its font size while it should be as small as the other indices.

It was obviously true. The "Sax." staff text, ( marking cue notes ) looks smaller than the staff text one bar further.

Now the oddities:

If i double click both text pieces, entering the editing mode the bottom task line shows me "font size 8" in both cases. So my thought: some kind of visual trick.

But no. Infact the size differs but I have no tool that can show me the current size.

If I right click and enter the editing mode it says the current font size was 11 ( ?! Oo )

So. I copied the larger font size 8 text and pasted it into the field of the smaller one.
It was larger and by marking the letters it shows me "font size 9" ( ?! Oo meant to have copied font size 8 )

If I mark both words together in one field and change the font size it changes normaly.

The problem is: how do I get the true information about a current font size? I dont want to adjust a smaller looking font size 8 to 9 just to be as large as a font size 8 from elsewhere.
It should be 8 and 9 or 7 and 8 not 8 and 8 differing obviously.

Don´t know if someone gets me. I´ll upload the "corpus delicti"

( page 2 Letter E "Sax." ( looking smaller beeing font size 8 ) ... last bar first line "Echo" ( looking larger beeing font size 8 aswell )
both text ar staff text.


Don't know why yours is doing that. What OS and what version of MuseScore? It could be related to the version for your OS or it could be a problem that has since been fixed.

On my system (xubuntu 15.04, self-compiled a couple of days ago - Build 79a8fc8) those pieces of text are both FreeSerif 8.00 and are identical in size.

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I´m running Win 8.1 64

Perhaps we´re talking past one another, when I mark both comments seperately, they´re displayd as "Sans Serif 8" ... but they differ in one size number AND THIS won´t be shown anywhere in my programm. ( Unless I copy paste it into the opposite textfield where it´s magically shown as 8 and 9 ; but only in this case ! )

I think it's an illusion. "Sax" mnight look smaller at first, but drag the "Echo" to sit right next to the "Sax" and you'll see it isn't really - unless this is something that changed after 2.0.1 and is fixed for the development builds. Which is possible; there *were* changes to font rendering. But I think it's an illusion, because at first, it *does* look a little like it is smaller.

BTW, the "Sax" text is entered as lyrics, not as staff text. And indeed, 11pt *is* the correct default size for lyrics. You probably should have simply created a new text style for small text so you could use it consistently, or used Text Properties to change the entire text element to 8pt. As it is, I am guessing you used the font controls in the text toolbar. Those change individual characters within the text, but the overall text is still 11pt.

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Shortly after my post here I recognized this issue aswell. So I changed the lyrics to staff text and the illusion was gone ... but still this was pretty weird ;)


What about articulationmarks added in an excerpt sheet? Don´t p.e. staccatos´ need to be added to the whole score too? Some changes in the excerpt seem to be accepted others are omitted.

Or do I get something wrong ... ( I don´t think it needs a new topic )

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Not sure what you mean about staccatos. Are you seeing some sort of problem? If so, please psot the score and precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem you are seeing. And unless it has something to do with font size, then yes it shoudl be a new topic, with an appropriately descriptive title. Makes it *much* easier to follow the discussion, plus makes it easier in the future for others who might be searching for information on the same topic.

Oh wait, maybe you are seeing this bug, fixed very recently: #67026: Parts do not pick up articulation applied with keyboard shortcut

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