Adding a new Instruments with it's Tonality into MuseScore

• Jul 9, 2015 - 18:17

Can any body help with a step by Step procédures ? I have all the notation in a WAV format.
The instrument I want to add is a WEST African Kora, it has 21 or 24 cords, each Cord is only one Note.

For the 21 Cords, if it is in Fa, it starts with the F1, then C2 to A4

Thanks in Advance


When you speak of habving something in WAV format, I guess you mean, actual recordings of each note? That's great, but MuseScore doesn't use WAV files directly; it uses soundfonts, which are *made* of WAV files but have lots of other information was well. You will need to find a soundfont editor and learn to create a soundfont that incorporates your WAV files. Then you can add that soundfont as described in the Handbook.

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