source code in instrument names

• Jul 10, 2015 - 09:12


I got the problem that, if I wanne edit the name of an instrument or simply add a number to it to differ first and second voice, in the editing window there´s source code in front of the instruments name.

Although it´s not shown inside the score, by editing, the code gets into the score right in front of the intruments name.

BaccidentalFlat Trumpet

stands in the field of "long instrument name"

It´s odd too, that some of the instruments are generated english, others german. That´s why I have an Alto Saxophon right above a second stave named Alt Saxophon.

Maybe, just maybe, this is linked to the fact that I used a "musescore 1.3" template and did not create a new score by adding every single instrument in version 2.01. Perhaps the program gets puzzled by this circumstance.


Yes, the text handling is changed significantly for 2.0. Scores imnported from 1.3 will have hard-coded font information in them that will be visible in places like that particular dialog editor. That's normal.

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