Problem with 8VA Ottava, after save and re-open continues entire score. v2.02

• Jul 18, 2015 - 19:00

I get everything set up with the ottava, then when I save and re-open, the ottava extends entire score instead of stopping.

This is what it looks like when I set it up:


This is what it looks like after I close and re-open:


(I selected the notes and ottava when I took the screenshot to make them stand out)

MuseScore File attached.

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I can confirm this. It seems to only happen in specific cases where there are multiple voices and the note or rest that *should* appear after the last note of the ottava is missing - I guess you deleted it? Change that last note to quarter note and it works. But still, it's a bug, Could you use "Help / Rebort a Bug" from within MuseScore to report this to the issue tracker? Just include the same info as here, maybe add a link to this thread.

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Yes, it's an interesting bug. I think I understand what is happening - MuseScore stores the end of a line internally in terms of the *next* note or rest after the the line. If there is no next note or rest, that normally means, the end of the score.

BTW, a couple of other things to keep in mind, workaround-wise:

- Instead of deleting rests, it's almost always better to just hide them. This is probably not the last bug you'll run into where unexpected things happen because of deleted rests.

- Ottavas are not really intended to work on a single voice - normally ottavas apply to all notes they cover regardless of voice. Of course, sometimes it's necessary to do things like you are doing here with a few notes in an ottava while other notes are sustained, and it would be clear form context that the sutained notes are not to be included. But anyhow, I suspect this won't be the last bug you find that has to do with this sort of thing, either.

- The quarter note on beat four doesn't make sense to me. It looks like it is part of the voice 3 line but is actually in voice 2 I think, but since the voice 2 rest is hidden, it looks like that note on beat 4 is in voice 1 and thus actually comes in on beat 5. Writing this in a more straightforward manner would have helped both with this bug - the note on beat 4 would have been in the same voice as the ottava notes and there would have been no need to hide or delete anything and no problem entering the ottava and no issue on save / reload - plus I think made it easier to read :-)

- While it is true that if you leave the rest as it was, you wouldn't be able to shorten the line, there is a nice new feature in 2.0.2 where you can enter the line directly by selecting the range of notes you want it to apply to then double clicking the line in the palette. I'm guessing maybe you did that already or you might have struggled to enter the line, but maybe you foudn a more complicated way.

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