My file has a bug but I dont know where it is.

• Jul 19, 2015 - 01:33

This is my file and it says
Measure 18, staff 22, voice 2 too long. Expected: 4/4; Found: 12/8
What do I do?

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Somthing_In_The_Dark.mscz 97.4 KB


Use [Ctr] f and enter 22 to take you to Measure 22. Look down and find a stave with more than one Voice. Note that there is such a stave and that it has quarter note, eight rest repeated too many times thus making that measure too long. Change them all to quarter notes or to eight notes or whatever they are meant to be. Save and try opening it again.

Attempt at correction attached.

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Somthing_In_The_Dark2.mscz 97.39 KB

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