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• Sep 6, 2010 - 12:08
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hi all.

Does Musescore allow PDF import?

I have a lot of vocal arrangements created in [ahem] other software that I have printed out to PDF. I would like to continue working on these. Sticking with Musescore is my preferred option, however I am unable to import them.This feature seems to be on other [paid for] notation software.

Is it possible to add this to the plug-in framework.

Many thanks



It impossible to import PDF to the MuseScore.
PDF is a graphical format and it does not contain any information about notes,durations, etc.

So you can import it to Adobe Illustrator, but no to music software.

So you can continue work on you projects with MuseScore if you have sources files - midi or any other which contain musical information.

Thank you both for coming back..

I did not know about Audiveris, I will try it. Thank you for the suggestion.

Kind regards


Title vandorutam PDF Import

See above and good luck with it
But that score is most probably better to transcribe manually (i.e. directly entered into MuseScore), shouldn't take much more than 30 minutes

Here the notes, lyrics left as an excercise to the reader ;-)

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Hi everyone . The MuseScore app is a free program. Importing PDF as a Note is a feature we may be able to add to this software. But I don't know where to find it. Maybe some of the features we need to buy this software.
Some friends find it difficult to import PDF notes, but this ability has been incorporated into some music software for years. There are even standalone software designed to do this.
Of course, I'm still not happy with how it was recorded. I liked that everything I do on the Midi keyboard is displayed on the MuseScore. But this is not possible. We have to enter the notes manually and this will slow us down.

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Hi, When I press the Select PDF file button, for converting PDF files, nothing happens (no reaction)
I have converted several files. Should these files be deleted? How do I do that?
Could that be the reason for my problem?