MuseScore won't import properly from XML files with no staff names

• Jul 21, 2015 - 10:28

The attached xml files (guitar staff/Tab) were created with Finale 2009. The only difference is that in one the staff labels were hidden on export to xml; in the other the staff labels were visible.

The "aguado_unlabelled" xml imports only the Title, Composer etc. – no music staffs at all!

The "aguado_labelled" XML imports everything correctly. But if only one of the staffs has a visible staff name then the xml import into MuseScore will fail.

Is it possible to make MuseScore import staffs with no staff name?

And, secondly, is it possible to provide a processing animation, providing info to the user about the progress of import while s/he is waiting?

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I can confirm the import bug - you should file this to the issue tracker.

There is already an existing feature request for a prgress indicator on load - see #16885: Progress bar during load. So no need to open a new one. Feel free to subscribe to that one, though, or add a comment if you have new relevant information.

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