The Solo Vox playback doesn't work?

• Jul 25, 2015 - 05:41

The solo vox playback turn into piano when I uploaded the score onto this musescore site (see e.g. bar 13), but it works fine when I am playing it in the software.

However as I listen to others' score I do not see the same problem, for example:

Is it to do with my score or is the solo vox sound not available on musescore site playback?


Are you talking about the staff marked Leggiero and Noble? I donwloaded your score and checked the Mixer, and both are actually set to Yamaha Grand Piano. Perhaps you inadvertently changed them before uploading? Or were using the voice sound from s different soundfont - that works one your computer, but always uses the default soudnfont, and has to substitute something else when you using a non-standard soundfont.

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Yes I am talking about those two staffs... and I am sure I did choose solo vox in the playback.
But when I close the file, reboot the computer and open the file again I found that all the playback sounds have been changed... like aah choir changed to concert choir, strings to stereo strings etc.

I guess there may be some changes with the default playback settings after the 2.0.2 update?

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I'm guessing you had used a non-default soundfont? "Concert choir" and "Stereo strings" are not the names of sounds in the default soundfont. The names of the sounds are specific to the soundfont you are using. Again, for compatibility with, you should stick to the default soundfont.

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