Need "show tied notes" option in TAB lines

• Aug 2, 2015 - 18:37

Need a "show tied notes" tick box next to the "show rest" tick box in TAB staff properties > advanced style properties > note values.

The following screenshot shows why:

There is a slur (hammer-on) in the second bar of TAB but the first note, being a tied note, has been hidden. This is a quite common scenario and it is only possible to show tied notes in TAB when you have the stems set to ON.

But it could be solved if the user has the option to make all tied notes visible, even if note setems are OFF, and then hide them on a case by case basis.


Just one other thing: Even when "show back-tied fret marks" is set to OFF, the user may still need to make the occasional back-tied note visible – as in the above example. This is currently not possible because the visibility options for these notes – in the Inspector, or using the "V" shortcut – are disabled.

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