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• Aug 3, 2015 - 18:33

I was running 2.0.1 quite happily when suddenly I could not open my music scores - they were all dulled out. I tried all sorts of thing like repairing etc. So I tried to uninstall and reinstall. It only allowed me to install 2.0.2 - understandably I suppose. When I did this it downloaded OK (54188 KB). When it asked me where to save (e.g Programme files (X86) it did this. But when I then tried to proceed I only got the option to repair or uninstall. The 'ready to install' box did not appear. So I cannot install. I tried this several times - deleting the original and reinstalling, but to no avail.

Henry Coppens


There may be a bug with the installer associated with MuseScore 2.0.2.
This happens with both 2.0.2 and the portable version. They seem to install ok , but when installation is complete, the opening page flashes briefly and then disappears. If you click on either application it starts the whole installation process again. Likewise if you try to open via a short-cut. All the while the Musescore score files remain dulled out and unopenable.

I have uninstalled and re downloaded several times, but the problem is the same.

Please help,

Henry Coppens

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Sorry for being late.
Your platform is Windows, which version?
Have you tried a Nigthly?
Simply download and extract it to a folder (eg C / Username / Nightly).

Try downloading 2.0.2 from the link on this page:
"Posted by lasconic on July 24, 2015 - 11:05 am
Let's try again with this link. "
And then, perhaps, better contact Lasconic

if you right-click on a file you display the * .exe (new and old)?


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Thanks for your efforts and replies.
Here is how the problem was solved:
I approached a good fried of mine who is well versed in computer technology here in South Africa. He suspected that when one updates (from 2.0 or 1.3 to later versions) the built-in un-installer, or the Windows un-installer, does not remove all the files of the older version. To confirm this, my friend who had not used Musescore previously, had no problem installing 2.0.2 on his computer.

We even installed an alternate 'uninstaller' app, called 'Revo Uninstaller', hoping this would do a better job, but to no avail..

It was only when he went into the registry files of my computer and removed all items with the word 'Musescore' in the address, apart from the data files (i.e. the actual Musescore music scores) and then reinstalled 2.0.2 that we got it to work. Removing the files is quite painstaking as most computer registries are huge. We found Musescore files hidden in all sorts of places.
When this had been done it made my computer into the state as if it had never seen Musescore before. In all probability it was only one of these files that we removed that caused the problem, but it would be very difficult to find the culprit so we removed them all - about 20 of them.

This may mean that you would need to look into any 'un-installer' parts in your software - or not use the Windows one if you in fact use it.

Henry Coppens

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Hi ,

I should have added that to get into the registry of your computer, you need to search for the file 'regedit' which is in Windows.

A word of warning. Be very careful that you remove only the files in the registry that have 'musescore' and do not accidentally remove just one other file as this could mess up your whole computer. Also remove files with this name that are in the Recycle bin.


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I am happy the success achieved.
Maybe I should imagine that "...For advanced users, the main preference file is located at:..." as explained here:
On my PC (Vista) there is also the hidden folder that you see in the image attached.
Thanks for reporting, is information that will be useful to other users.
Buona musica con MuseScore, regards, Franz

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