Anti-Accent Markings

• Aug 6, 2015 - 22:14

Are there anti-accent markings already in Musescore that I'm missing? If not, are there any plugins I can install or quick ways to do it myself? Specifically, I want to add breves to the score. Thanks.


Make sure you are using the Advanced workspace, not Basic - see the control at the bottom of the palette. I'm not quite sure what symbol you are referring to but the Marcato symbol is the tenth in the list, it most closely resembles the carat symbol shown in one of the responses except the carat is upside down. There is also the up bow symbol a bit further down, which looks like the carat only bigger. I'm not really familiar with any other markings like this. My guess is there is something on the Symbols palette (press "Z" to display), but if so, it isn't under the name "breve" or "anti-accent", because searches for those did not yield anything (other than the breve noteheads and rests).

Ok, great! I found what I was looking for in the symbols palette under laissez vibrer below, and I can just change the offset to bring it above. Much appreciated!

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