Making more SMuFL music fonts available

• Aug 7, 2015 - 21:04

I am in the process of making my fonts SMuFL-compliant, so I thought I'd ask how MuseScore utilizes the "Text" music font (like BravuraText). Is it completely necessary to create this font as well as the normal music font? I'd rather not create it if I can avoid it.

Also, since I am not at a machine where I can test out the fonts within MuseScore, how should I go about getting the files submitted when they are available so they can be properly tested?



MuseScore does use the musical text font and should fallback to Bravura Text if the glyph is not provided. Music and Text fonts can be set separately in Style > General.

You can host the fonts wherever you want and post a link here in the forum. In any case, MuseScore doesn't support external fonts for now, so the code will have to be changed to support any additional font.

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Thank you both for your replies. So, do I _have_ to create the music text font? Or, until I figure out a good way to create the additional font for each of them, can I just have BravuraText be the automatic fallback? That would be nice until I can provide my own.

I knew that music fonts weren't supported externally. That's fine. My fonts are free (i.e., as donation-ware), so having them compiled into the program won't a problem.

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