Jazz Chord C7M (brazil default)

• Aug 8, 2015 - 09:07

In the wake of seven major symbol create the spelling "C7M" with the "M" in the same size "7" when using jazz chords. This spelling is standard in Brazil and is lacking for those who work with popular music ...


What version of MuseScore are you using? In 2.0 and later, C7M should work OK. It displays, transposes, etc, only issues is it won't be interpreted correctly as a major seventh with regard to MusicXML export. If you are using the "Jazz" chord symbol style, it will superscript the "M", but you can just switch back to the standard style if you prefer it non-superscripted. You could still use the MuseJazz font if you like by selecting it in Style / Text / Chord Symbol, but I note the chart you show uses a plain font.

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I'm using 2.0.2.

What I am wondering is that the "M" of "Bm7M" does not get superscripten in the font Musejazz as below ... Maybe a way to disable the superscripten? I wish the "M" stay the same size as the "7" in the font Musejazz.

Maybe it's a question very specific ... and using the default font I solve the problem ...

Thank you for quick response!


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It is selecting the "Jazz" style in Style / General / Chord Symbols that does the superscription. You can disable it by using the Sstandard style. You can still use the Standard style even if you use the MuseJazz font; just set the font to MuseJazz in Style / Text / Chord Symbol.

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