dynamics in small size or brackets for editorial dynamics

• Aug 12, 2015 - 21:06

It seems that the excellent Musescore cannot distinguish dynamics that are 'original' from the 'editorial' by a smaller size, in brackets or different font. It would be VERY nice to have an option to choose for editorial and having in the style sheet eventually have the option of how to format 'editorial". Or am I missing something?

For editing existing music (specially baroque) this seems essential to me.


I forgot that I can manually type in brackets, if one chooses the straight it looks best I think! Nevertheless the option "small" would be nice and should not be difficult to implement as it exists for many elements. dynamics and brackets.png

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New text styles do work; I use them often. To apply a text style to a given text item, simply click the text item (don't double click, don't press Ctrl+A - hat's for changing the font *without* creating a new text style) and then change the style in the Inspector.

Not sure what you mean about selecting text. It should be very simple - click a text element to select it, ctrl+click to select several, click one then right click and see the Select menu for other options. Or. wwhile editing a single text element, the standard keybard shortcuts like Shiuft+left/right work.

If you are still having problems, please post the specific score you are having problems with and describe precisely what you are trying to do, how you are trying to do it, what you expect to see happen, and what happens instead. Someone will be able to show you how to fix it.

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Thank you! It works, the font cannot be changed, only the size, so standard italics...
My difficulties selecting text is for instance selecting text (marked blue) inside a title. Very often by accident I drag. I think it is because this selecting is so slow but it's not so important.
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Actually, it's not itatlics. The "f" and "p" etc are not regular letters at all, they are special characters drawn from the font setin Style / General / Musical text font. Most fonts don't have those special characters. But if you change the dynamics font then type a *regular* "f" or "p", you'll get the regular "f" or "p" in the font font you selected.

As for selecting, I guess oyu are trying to select by dragging, which does work but as you noticed, if you aren't careful you might drag the canvas. So don't select using drag - use the standard shortcuts I mentioned earlier (shift+lelft/right etc - same as how text is selected in most programs).

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