How do I change minor chord notation scorewide?

• Aug 20, 2015 - 11:55

Currently if I enter a minor chord as 'Em' it is displayed that way. If I enter 'Emi', it is displayed that way. So is 'E-'. I can have all flavours of minor notation in one score.

How can I convert all minor chords in a score to one consistent flavour of notation? If it's not supported, I will repost it as a feature request. An example use case is when I'm giving a score to a friend who's used to a different notation than me, or receiving a score from such friend.

Same thing with major (seventh) chords: 'ma7' vs Δ vs Δ7, or ø vs m7b5 for half-diminished, etc.


You can force a score to have all the same ntosations for any given chord ymbol by creating your own custom chord symbol style file. See chords_std.xml and chords_jazz.xml in the Styles folder within your MuseScore installation, make a copy of whichever you like in your own Styles folder, then edit it to list the spellings you wish to standardize upon. Select this file for your score in Style / General / Chord Symbols and any chord symbols you type will automatically be converted to the matching chord symbol from your list.

It is not possible to convert existing chords in this manner, however. It is definitely something to consider for someday.

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There is no active work on this. In principle it wouldn't be hard to create a tool to do this, it just hasn't seemed high enough priority (automating stacking of extensions, and providing other customizations over rendering, seems more generally useful to me; those are things that I'd love to see in 3.0 and may work on if I get the chance).

Meanwhile, indeed, saving as MSCX then doing search/replace using a text editor (or your favorite regexp tool if you're so inclined) should work fine.

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