Sections with varying numbers of instruments

• Aug 20, 2015 - 19:59

I am composing a piece with multiple movements and to separate each movement I am using the 'section break' from the breaks and spacers pallet. The problem is, for example, in the first movement I have some instruments playing and in the second movement, not all of those instruments are included which leaves me with a blank stave for the whole movement.

What I would like to do is only have the instruments for that movement included on the score.

The attached photo is a better example. Basically, I would like to get rid of the last two staves because those instruments are not included in that movement. Is this possible?

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Not sutre what you mean about it not working with section breaks - could you be more specifi? Perhaps you refer to the fact that the first system after a section break is consider a "first system", and hence if you also have the "Don't hide empty staves in first system" option checked, the empty staves won't be hidden there.

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This may also refer to the fact that only implicit and explicit system and page breaks as well as all frames influence 'hide empty staves', but not a section break.
Well, at least that was the case before 2.0.2, I believe, now a section break also is a system break, hence causes 'hide empty staves' to take effect.

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