Temp file permission denied

• Aug 21, 2015 - 13:21

Help please! Since MuseScore 2 I am getting a lot of: "temp files... "permission denied"? It is causing me a lot of heartache and some lost work! What am I/ could I be doing wrong? FY:I I use a MacBook Pro running Yosemite. Hope to hear from ASAP. Many thanks in anticipation


What specificially are you doing that causes this message to display? Does it happen when you try to save a file? What folder are you trying to save to?

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Thanks. Yes the issue occurs when saving. I notice that it happens when I open an existing file and make changes to it and then try to save it! The title of the existing file changes to something like "sc... temp file... permission denied"?

As to the folder I save to: Up to recently I was saving everything in the "Documents/MuseScore/scores folder"; however I changed that to a folder on my desktop (on advice received from a member on the Facebook MuseScore discussion board). That said I did wonder it that was part of the problem and have reverted back to the MuseScore folder. I haven't had any problems for about the last 24 hours and hope that the issue is resolved. But my confidence is not as it was and I am watching every key stroke nervously!
I look forward to your comments and thank you in anticipation...
Bill B

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It is never good practice to save material to the desktop on a Windows machine.

My guess is that this advice was given by someone using a Mac where it is considered usual.

Storing files on the Desktop in Windows is a recipe for slow startups and desktop refreshes as that folder will be loaded into RAM every time the machine is started, and every time the desktop is refreshed.

Some of the development team do read the Facebook Group, but it doesn't get the same attention that you would receive by directly posting here.

Probably time I posted the MuseScor Forum link there again.

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