Recovered session lost on Save after crash

• Aug 21, 2015 - 21:51

By the time there is any response to this it will be too late; I'll have moved on. I'm just reporting an incident. I'm using MuseScore 2.02 revision f51dc11 in Windows 7,

I was editing a new score. I started it by asking for 90 measures, but it only gave me 81. When I got to that point (I had saved shortly before) and added the other 9 measures, MuseScore crashed. When I restarted it, it recovered the session with only the very last few edits missing. So far so good, though I noticed that it gave the full path to the file instead of just the file name alone. I finished editing the piece and saved it, but I don't know where it went. When I next opened the file all the work I had done after the recovery was not there. Nor was there any hidden file starting with a dot in the name. (I know how to find those if they're there.) I went to the session folder and opened the backup file there. It was as the file was before I added the measures. So my question is, if you're working with a recovered session and save it but not with Save As, where does it go? For me it just vanished. Even a search of my entire drive didn't turn it up.


I don't know if it depends on the your particular system, but when I had a session restored after a crash recently, the recovered file ended up being saved to my default score folder - the one specified in Edit / Preferences. The file name was the full long one with the original path embedded in it.

I had a very similar incident yesterday. I downloaded a score from here in the forums and when I went to open it I got a message that MuseScore had ended unexpectedly and did I want to resume the previous session. I answered Yes and after dealing with the downloaded score I made *many* edits to the score I had been working on. Eventually I saved and closed it, but the next time I opened the score none of my recent changes were there! While I was panicking I remembered that the name on the tab was longer than usual and seemed to include path information in addition to the name. I did a full search of my hard drive for just the last word in the title and found the one I had been working on in the Downloads folder with the name "_Users_Bruce_Documents_MuseScore2_Scores_Mr_Bojangles.mscz". I opened that file and there were all my updates. To say I was relieved is an understatement. I then did a Save As to get it back into my normal scores folder with the correct short name.

I'm running MS 2.0.2 f51dc11 on Windows 7. Oh, and the reason MuseScore had ended unexpectedly was a power blip that shut down the computer; nothing to blame MS itself for.

Perhaps I should add for completeness all the places that one might wish to look for a lost file in Windows 7. Other versions will be similar.

Downloads (under Favorites) or Users\Username\Downloads (actual path)
Default score folder: Documents\My Documents\MuseScore2\Scores (under Libraries), or
Users\Username\My Documents\MuseScore2\Scores (actual path)
Session folder: Users\Username\AppData\Local\MuseScore\MuseScore2
(The files in this folder have system-supplied names; go by the date and time)
Windows virtual store:
Users\Username\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\MuseScore2\bin

This last path is where I finally found it later, after I'd redone the lost work.

Note that AppData is a normally a hidden folder but it can be unhidden (Show hidden files) or accessed by typing it in the pathname.

Having spent days and hours updating vocal harmony arrangements and loosing work several times, this was the most useful piece of information! For all those struggling with how and where the bugs of this program can save files, this solved it for me! thankyou so much for your helpful comment, it was in the virtual bin of all places. Thanks for the great program by the way but its extremely stressful when you loose hours of work when you have clicked save a million times and are then clueless as to where the amendments to your work have disappeared.
Im glad I kept searching these forums as I was about to give up on this program for fear of loosing days of blood, sweat and tears of composition :)

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